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Thank you for your support of Albuquerque-based Pluma Construction Systems. As you know, we provide a full suite of commercial construction services and residential remodeling. Built on a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and quality workmanship we created the Pluma Leadership Minute (heard on 770 KKOB-AM) as a way to share insights with influential people, like you!

Personal Responsibility

A key component to becoming a leader is Personal Responsibility. A true leader is not defined by title or position, but by action and example. It is the ability to influence others by the attributes they possess. 

Over the last 5 weeks we have reviewed several leader characteristics such as trust, integrity, persistence, patience and courage. Today we focus on Personal Responsibility.

Often personal accountability and responsibility are viewed as one in the same. However, they are a bit different. Accountability means you are answerable and willing to accept the outcome or result, of your part in a situation. Responsibility is the mindset that says I am the one who must make this happen.

The result is reliant on us. Good or bad it is our responsibility. So instead of deflecting when something goes south, choose to take responsibility for fixing the problem and tackle the issue, own it and address it, instead of spreading blame. 

We are all a amalgamation of our decisions throughout our lives. If you are going to lead, lead. There is no pity/get out of jail free card. Things won’t always go your way and things won’t always go smoothly.  Leaders need to fight through rough times and remember their success or failure is their responsibility.

Personal responsibility is a character trait that we often admire in others. We like being around people who don’t make excuses, are able to take responsibility for their actions, and not blame others for their mistakes.

We all have a choice in life. We can come at life, or we can allow life to come at us. A true leader comes at life and shapes their reality. They overcome obstacles, they overcome negativity, they overcome apathy, they achieve.  

Do you come at life, or does life come at you? It is a choice.