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Thank you for your support of Albuquerque-based Pluma Construction Systems. As you know, we provide a full suite of commercial construction services and residential remodeling. Built on a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and quality workmanship we created the Pluma Leadership Minute (heard on 770 KKOB-AM) as a way to share insights with influential people, like you!

Over the last 13 weeks we have reviewed leader characteristics such as Trust, Integrity, Persistence, Patience, Courage, Personal Responsibility, Wisdom, leading by example, Initiative, Attitude, Resilience, Vision and Communication. Today we focus on Agility.

Leadership agility is the ability and capacity to assess risk, be decisive, decide courageously, and act quickly to meet a rapidly changing environment. It is effectively leading organizational change.

Leaders must anticipate change, take a proactive approach to business decisions, rather than a reactive one. Anticipating change requires a deep understanding of your market, what your customers need and want and the interworking of your business.

Today’s marketplace requires swift action to meet the demands of customers. It demands flexibility to remain competitive. Leadership agility is being able to impress upon employees the importance of maintaining focus on forging ahead rather than falling into the trap of becoming stagnant.

In life, change is the one constant. Agile leaders not only embrace change, but actively look for areas where change is likely to occur. Like it or not, market conditions, competitors, and technological advances force change upon us daily. Understanding that and recognizing the importance of staying ahead of it, gives you the tools required to compete and even dominate.